Studio Usage



Sahare Studios is a white label photography studio located in Strijp-S, the creative center of The Netherlands' leading creative metropolis: Eindhoven. The studio is located in the renovated, 100 year old Philips factories in Strijp-S.

Sahare Studios is unique in featuring a 7m x 3m North facing window for ultra soft natural light.

It is 1 minute walking distance from the Eindhoven Beukenlaan train stop and a 5 minute drive from Eindhoven Central Station.


Sahare Studios features the full lineup of Paul C. Buff Studio Equipment. Paul C. Buff is a US studio lighting manufacturer used widely in the commercial advertising and motion picture industry in the United States for the past 35 years.

The full equipment list includes:

Unique natural light: 

Sahare Studios features a unique 7m by 3 m North facing window for ultra soft natural light.

Strobe lighting:

6x Einstein E640 Thermistor driven studio flashes capable of freezing action (1/20000s)


3x 7ft (220cm) Circular modifiers with diffuse fabric

2x 64in (160cm) Circular modifiers with diffuse fabric

2x 51in (130cm) Circular modifiers with diffuse fabric

2x 47in (120cm) Circular modifiers inc. baffles and grids

4x Large softboxes 30in x 60in (80cm x150cm)  inc. baffles and grids

1x 22in Beauty Dish white interior inc. sock

1x 22in Beauty Dish silver interior inc. sock


Shovel reflectors
Umbrella reflectors
7" reflectors
8.5" High output reflectors

Honeycomb grids:

10, 20, 30 and 40 degree

2x Vagabond Outdoor power generators

Cybersync radio transmitters and receivers

Jr. & Sr. triple riser combo rolling stands, C-Stands inc. sliding leg, low-boy, Baby-C (Gary Coleman), grip-heads, booms, overhead grip arms, reflectors, apple boxes, etc. 

The studio offers 15ft (4.5 m) of ceiling height for your convenience.

If required, full frame camera equipment is available.


Our services are twofold:

 1. Delivery (by us) of conceptually strong visual material specifically catered to your needs.

 2. Providing studio usage workshops and lighting classes, where you get to create your own material in Sahare Studios.

In addition to using the studio itself, feel free to bring your own models, stylists and photographers!

The 1:1 studio lighting workshops are for photographers of all skill levels. The images you create in our studio are royalty free so you can use them anywhere you like!

Does our work spark your interest?

Don’t hesitate to send us a message!